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Insofar as they were not taken from other publications and correspondingly credited, the texts of this internet site were produced by Dr. Bernd Langner, Felicitas Baumeister, and Hadwig Goez M.A. In 2015, this site was re-launched under the coordination of Cristjane Schuessler, who has since then overtaken editorial responsibility for the site.


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The Baumeister Archive has been part of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (Stuttgart Museum of Art) since 2005. Its inventory is on permanent loan to the Stuttgart Museum of Art. The works by Willi Baumeister owned by the Museum of Art are provided with the Museum of Art’s customary authorisation of use.

Willi Baumeister’s works, which are managed by the Willi Baumeister Foundation are, insofar as it is possible, licensed under the CC License BY-NC-SA.

The Willi Baumeister Foundation hereby makes part of the works of Willi Baumeister available at high resolution under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Germany at no charge. You may find these works on the website of the archive in the Gallery of Works. All of the works there with a CC License are available for academic use under the conditions of the CC License. This special arrangement from the Baumeister Foundation does not affect the Museum of Art’s authorisation of use. 


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