(Inv. No. ab-naw-0031)

  • (Inv. No. ab-naw-0031)
  • 67,7 x 51,8 cm, oil on cardboard, signature: Baumeister 39
  • provenance: Belgium, France, Germany, Czechia, inquiries for expertise: 1989, 1991, 1995 (ab-naw-0031 and ab-naw-0032 appeared repeatedly in the art trade)
  • machine inscription on paper on the back side: "`Steingarten´ [Stone garden] Abstraktes Gemälde von Willi Baumeister, Ausstellung `Willi Baumeister´ in der Galerie Egon Günther, Mannheim Otto-Beck-Straße 14, Erworben Anfang 1949"