At the end of the 1910s Willi Baumeister discovered the theater as another field for his artistic activity. Up to now Baumeister had been intensely occupied with painting. He increasingly distanced himself from the two-dimensional surface. His constructivist paintings of this time frequently manifest relief-like elements. As such, individual color planes or formal elements emerge haptically via the application of plaster or pieces of plywood.

Krista Gutbrod (geb. Baumeister), Felicitas Baumeister and Willi Baumeister 1955/ ab-f-004-014

The last five years of Willi Baumeister's life were more artistically productive than any of his previous work periods, even though he was tremendously busy as both a teacher at the Art Academy and representative of the modern period in numerous exhibitions as well as an uncompromising champion of contemporary art in public.