Foto: Ester Hagenlocher, Fritz Seitz, Alte Apotheke in Nusse bei Lübeck, 2014

Photo by Fritz Seitz: © Esther Hagenlocher, Fritz Seitz, "Alte Apotheke" Nusse, near Lübeck 2014.

Since 2015, the theortical Nachlass of Fritz Seitz (1926-2017) has been placed in the Willi Baumeister Foundation, Germany. Currently a thematic catalogue on this Nachlass is being developed. His publications on color include i.e., 36 illustrated essays, published from 1962 to 1984. As both Artist and Professor (preliminary course), Seitz, innovatively combined color theory and its application.

Esther Hagenlocher, Associate Professor, University of Oregon, U.S.A., is developing a first-time scientific approach to this oeuvre on color pedagogy and applied color which will be available in English.

This research is in collaboration with the Willi Baumeister Foundation, Germany and the Baumeister Archive in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany.

Fritz Seitz about his teacher Willi Baumeister: "A Guarantee for something entirely different"
More about Fritz Seitz´s Nachlass on color soon HERE.
Link to University of Oregon